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Contract management has never been easier.

AI-supported decision-making with the highest of security, Corely is the platform that digitizes your legal workflow – and takes it to the next level.


What can Corely do?



All your documents can be stored in Corely



Simple to sort and find content of documents with legal tagging



Simplifies the digital signing flow



Makes sure you don't miss any important deadlines.


What is Corely?

Most likely you have experienced that a contract that you need is lost! Or maybe that an important contractual deadline has passed and you forgot to take action? Or have you felt irritated about all different applications used for board administration, internal governance, contract management and digital signing?

This is managed by Corely in a user friendly, safe and cloud based platform that will manage and store your contract and documents.

If you are working in an organization that need to get an overview and better contract- and document management – you need to try Corely! With a solution integrated for digital signing, legal tagging of important content, access control, reminding functions and much more, Corely is the future of document management.

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